Is college education in India not world class?


Before saying whether college education in India is world class or not, I would like to tell about a few global personalities. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Software major Microsoft graduated from MIT in India. So did the new CEO of Nokia. Continuing the list Narayan Murthy(Infosys founder), Azim Premji(Wipro founder), Dr.Devishetty (leading Cardiac surgeon), Venkatraman Ramakrishnan(Chemistry Nobel Prize winner), Nithin Nohria (Harvard Dean) all had most of their college education in India. Barack Obama recently said in a speech that American students will have to work harder otherwise they would be overtaken by Indian students. Hence telling that College education in India is not world class one will be belittling ourselves in front of others.

The problem with College education in India is not only that of Quality. IISC is one among the top 20 universities in the world.4 IIT’s figure among the top 100 colleges in the world.3 IIM’s are among the top 20 management institutes in the world. Quality is present but only at very few places like the ones mentioned above and quality of intake into them are drastically low when compared to our college going youth.1 IISC,13 IIM’s, handful of IIT’s, NIT’s, AIIMS, MIT, etc produce quality students but they cater to not even 1% of students. For such a large nation like ours, these are just not enough. Creating such institutes is not easy because we lack Infrastructural capabilities and there is shortage of Teachers, Professors and lecturers.

Moreover College education system in India is oriented more towards marks and grades than on knowledge. This leads to superficial knowledge. A more industry oriented and knowledge oriented education system will produce quality youth for the country. This requires a major transformation of our Education system. Industry and Private sector will have to take a more active part in the education system to accomplish this transformation because they will ultimately be benefitted with quality students to hire from. Tie-up with global varsities for bringing their branches to India can solve part of the problem.

We should feel sorry to see scores and scores of Engineers and Doctors opting for GRE, GMAT and other competitive exams to pursue their higher education abroad. Most of them end up working and settling there leading to Brain drain.


Corruption- Erge from inside

Hello everyone..!!! How are you? I am getting very less time to talk to you through this my  new way of communication. But I will have more time further in future.  So we were talking about corruption… Am I right?

Firstly What does the term corruption mean? It is the act done with intention to take some advantage with the way inconvenient to official or we can say true way. It sometimes termed as act against a law. But what do you think, why do corruption really occur with this huge rate? There are so many causes which are really indistinguishable to use. They are complex and many in the number.

  1. Political elite who involves themselves in interest relates programs & policies rather than things which are nationally important.
  2. Mindset of people to be against corruption. We usually talk about things that we should be against corruption & so bla bla blaaa.. But when the time does come to act individually, we become confident to be against law.. I am not blaming to you… But think about your situation when you caught by traffic-policeman. We did you do at that time? You might have done the thing what we are talking about….
  3.  low salaries of government officials compel them to resort to the road of corruption in a highly inflationary economy,.
  4. Very complex laws and very imperfect implementation of the same.
  5. Time of Election level again becomes summit. I will say each politician do spread their money to purchase you rather than your valuable vote. We usually becomes happy at the moment, but can’t even think that we are making foolish ourselves only. These things happens usually more & more times. But can’t do any further to stop.
  6. Huge population along with illiteracy again leads to make people to do thing against laws.

so here are some causes of actual corruption happening around us. So it must have some remedies. That we will see some days after…. Guys due to the time limitations I am not able to post long enough. But you don’t forget  … Be Happy….& try to laugh all time… TRY MORE but DON’T QUIT…… Have a nice time…