Towards A Direction…#2

RANE Committee had suggested to give reservation to marhathas n muslims. It was only to attract the votes in front of elections. The result of total drama is now in front of us. MAHARASHTRA is the state in which marhathas are in majority. Muslims are also under category of OBC & they are getting benefit of that. Both were not require reservations. But it was foolish decision taken by that time government. How can a society in majority put up a fight for reservation in the same state? It is really blot for forwarded maharashtra. Politicians are only busy in putting a image of struggle to get some things, but the actual picture is different. It is deception of whole maharashtra. There were many leaders earlier in the history of maharashtra which had the thinking of future. But this is not a thing today. Politicians, not leaders, are deflected towards a very wrong way. CORRUPTION is main motto behind it. They are busy in fillin up their houses, making their generation rich. But what about other 12 crore maharashtrians. Aren’t they part of whole system? This is happening very badly because we are supporting them blindly, only keeping in mind the benefit of our generation or caste. Basically reservations based on religions must must be cancelled. But they are unwilling to do this. MAHARASHTRA & whole INDIA will be powerful in the world, when religion based RESERVATIONS would get cancelled…


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