TOWARDA A Direction..#1

‘Bhai, ek pizza’ Naina ,MBA Student, ordered her favourite menu & added to swara ‘What will you take?’
‘No I have my tiffin’
‘Are you mad to have a tiffin daily in college?’ Naina, asked scornfully to Swara.
‘No.,Naina.But this is very bad to eat Pizza, berger daily.’
‘Why are you preaching a sermon to me?’
What is the meaning of this conversation. One part, almost 65%, of India is surrender to fast food. India is becoming a new hub of fast food. Are we aheading towards wrong direction?
Fast food creates big medical issues. These things are well known to us but we are not letting these seriously. We Indian are those who used to have daily pizza, berger (65% of indians, especially college students) daily in india, but when the situation do come to visit foreign country like US, UK We everytime ask for indian dishes, even availability of such fast food there. What a contraversy!
We are forgetting our traditions. We are getting infected by THE GUST OF FOREIGN TRADITION. Mr. Atual Kulkarni, a famous marathi actor, visited a 600 year old temple in a small village for having rest. Many villagers crowded around him. He chatted with them regarding many things but at the last they asked him for donation in point of renewal of temple. Crowd expected donation of large amount because they want to collapse whole 600 year temple & want to build new temple with marble. Foreign countries try to preserve their traditions but what we are doing now? If we don’t think over these things in next some years, India will lost the image of TRADITIONAL N INCREADIBLE INDIA…


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